• 85mm x 55mm
  • Premium quality 450GSM paper
  • Silk finish
  • Makes asking for reviews easy and personal
  • Printed to include your own unique link and QR code
  • Ideal for face to face customer interactions
  • Make customers aware of the RateUs £2500 prize draw.


Our premium Rate Us review cards are ideal for businesses looking to add a personal touch to their review collection, in place of or alongside sharing your link digitally.

Customers can review you in seconds by scanning your unique QR code or by visiting your link. An ideal tool for businesses interacting face to face with customers, looking for an easy way to request a review.

Not all businesses have the opportunity to collect customer details in order to share their review link digitally, this is where a review card becomes highly useful.

This review card is for UK businesses enrolled in our £2500 prize draw offer, this offer is available at no extra cost to all businesses in the UK and can be selected at any time in your user dashboard.

Popular with:

  • Restaurants
  • Trades people
  • Hotels
  • Hairdressers
  • Automotive Sales
  • Shops