We all know the importance of reviews, especially in the trades where customers will frequently read reviews and make decisions on who to contact to carry out their property maintenance. 

With listings on google maps coming ahead of even the best websites and countless directories like Check a trade and others getting visited every day by potential customers, it is key to put your best foot forward online. Everyone looks good on paper, so online reviews help customers decide who to call to provide quotes.


Did you know?


  • Businesses with the highest volume and frequency of positive reviews charge on average a third more than competitors.


  • A negative review on the first page of google can drop inquiry by 35% – If you leave reviews to chance, ask yourself how long would it take organically to push a single negative review from the top page? For many, it could take months or even years.


There are however a few common themes when collecting reviews:



  • The majority of happy customers rarely seem to leave positive reviews, either forgetting or simply not bothering to search you out online, despite often finding you through reviews in the first place.


  • Disgruntled customers however tend to flock to review sites, usually over trivial things and without ever saying a word. Silent assassins of your reputation.


  • You want to ask for reviews but with so many sites to list yourself on it becomes cumbersome to share numerous links and after a busy day you just don’t bother.



Sound familiar?


Then our  “RateUs” tool is here to help.


  • One link to all of your chosen review platforms – opening instantly on your business’s review page (Google, Facebook, Trust Pilot, Check a trade, and more)


  • Pre-screen your customers’ feedback, directing only positive experiences to your chosen review sites.


  • Intercept and collect negative experiences privately, allowing you to respond in real-time via email, resolving issues before they ever result in a public review.


  • £2500 Prize draw incentive– UK businesses can opt into our prize draw offer, all customers leaving you feedback through our platform (good or bad) are entered into a draw to win £2500, paid for and administered by wowreviews.co.uk at no cost to your business.
    (Guaranteed to increase review conversions and makes the conversation of requesting a review easy, as there is something in it for the customer.)


  • Market your customers – All reviewers have their names and email collected, view and download them in your user dashboard with ease and add them to your future marketing database or run your own incentives if you desire.


  • Rank higher on review sites and quickly bury past negative reviews.


  • 2 Minute set up, customisable and unique to your business.


And More


How does it work and how can I share my link?





Sharing your link


These are our recommendations for requesting reviews and maximising results.


All of the below resources can be ordered direct from our store or downloaded free if you wish to print them yourselves or simply use them for inspiration to design your own.


If after reviewing these resources you feel you require a custom offering and would like our help, this can be discussed by emailing info@wowreviews.co.uk. Where possible we can supply custom artwork at no additional cost, as we are always happy to support our users if they have specific house styles they wish to match or other unique requirements.




A popular method of sharing your link is via text or email, in our experience SMS is the most effective in terms of open rates, with 97% getting read. Easy to batch send or if you make the time, a personal text message after a job is done goes a long way.



Review Cards


A favourite with our users, especially if you are self employed. Review cards make it easy at the end of a job to ask and collect reviews from your customers, face to face and when they are the most satisfied and likely to carry out the review.


  • Featuring a QR code for quick access to your RateUs site as well as the direct link.
  • Multiple variants to suit your needs
  • Can be purchased direct or downloaded for free to customise or draw inspiration for your own.



Double-sided card




Ultimately how you choose to share your link is up to you, but for most the above methods prove the most effective. The more exposure you give the link the more reviews you will collect. For those in the UK opting into our free £2500 incentive option is recommended as a way to grease the wheels and secure the review.



Results will of course depend on how you implement the system, like a treadmill if you are not consistent in using it, you don’t lose weight. Those who follow the steps above and ensure they consistently present their link typically find their positive reviews increase many magnitudes. It would not be uncommon to see a years worth of reviews in a matter of weeks.


With most in the industry leaving reviews to chance you can score an easy win over competitors with our RateUs tool.


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